Investment Management

Our clients value our sincere understanding of not what investments fit their lives, but why they fit their lives, making our covenant with them surpass that of an ordinary advisor.

We draw upon over twenty years of experience and our own independent research and analysis to personally customize your own unique blend of investments that may include individual equities, bonds and select funds.   We have a great deal of experience working with corporate executives or those with considerable outside assets and can factor those investments in creating your master investment strategy. 

Our investment philosophy is centered on these principles:

We want to be fractional long term owners of high quality businesses

 Temporary market dislocations provide opportunities to either enhance or reduce risk.

Loss disciplines and proprietary risk budgets based on a client’s plan is crucial to success

Independent research and portfolio management provides unbiased advice

We understand the faith and trust our clients place in us.  As your partner we seek to work together to constantly enhance the quality and appropriateness of your portfolio.  Not resting on yesterday, we look to each day as an opportunity to better meet our clients’ needs.  We think our bespoke investment process compliments our ability to provide a depth of counsel on our clients’ wealth management needs.